In my years with B2B collections, I have often heard the word CAPE. It represents the number of accounts an AR rep can manage in their portfolio. Could you please define CAPE?

CAPE is a metric used in connection with collections. CAPE is an acronym for “collection accounts per employee” or “customer accounts per employee.” The formula used to calculate CAPE is:

Number of Active Customer Accounts/Number of Total Collectors

The resulting number denotes how many active accounts each collector manages. Typically, higher numbers or the more accounts managed by a collector, indicate an efficient use of employees and technology.

What is a good number? The answer depends on many factors:

  • The credit-worthiness of your customer base: for example, are new accounts carefully pre-screened?
  • An account's status: a seriously delinquent account may require longer, more involved calls and attention;
  • A customer's payment history;
  • How the customer's business and/or industry is doing; and
  • Whether you manually make telephone calls or employ an automated dialing solution.
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