Do you have any definitive information for what e-billing adoption rates should be?

It is important to note that there is no way to get a “definitive” idea of what your adoption rates will be as there are numerous variables in play. Adoption rates are affected by industry, company size, budget, legacy systems and ideologies, and myriad other factors. You may want to consider speaking with others in your industry about their experience with adoption rates.


Additionally, be sure to reach out to your customers, starting with your biggest, to see what their concerns are, so that you select an e-billing solution that meets both your needs and the needs of your customers. For more on customer buy-in, see Electronic Billing: A Guide to Getting Started.

If 100 percent electronic billing is your goal, you may want to consider a solution provider like Basware Connectivity that allows AR to send all of its invoices electronically through a secure portal to the provider, which then takes care of getting the invoice to the customer in the customer's preferred format. The solution provider offers an all-electronic process for you, and provides electronic invoices to those who can accept them and paper invoices for those who cannot. These solutions can be costly, but in many cases, the savings outweigh the costs. For a list of electronic billing solution providers, see AR Supplier Source.

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