I would like assistance in obtaining a listing of all job titles and descriptions within the credit and collections area.

There are several possible titles, and the structure of A/R and credit & collections varies widely among organizations. In the credit and collections manuals contained in the A/R Tools Suite you’ll find the following job titles and descriptions that might be helpful to you:

  • Director of Collections - responsible for the direction of the overall policy to collect unpaid customer accounts and ensure the company's investment in its accounts receivable is minimized by accelerating the time to convert a customer bill into cash collected.
  • Collection Manager - responsible for the implementation of the month-end closing procedures and reporting to the director of collections any issues, missed deadlines, or items that need to be addressed in order to complete the financial close of the cash posting. The manager also designs the month-end closing procedures and tasks to make sure the process is complete for the financial reporting deadlines required of the company.
  • Collection Supervisor- responsible for managing their area’s month-end closing process including documenting the procedures that have been completed and providing the manager with a status of the closing process until complete.
  • Collection Analyst - responsible for implementing activities which will ensure the timely collection of unpaid and/or past due customer account balances. When an account is deemed to be uncollectible by the analyst, he/she is responsible for communicating and documenting the suggested action to write off the amount.
  • Director of Credit -responsible for setting the credit policies with the approval of the company’s executive management including reviewing, approving, and expanding credit to customers who qualify as credit worthy under the company’s credit guidelines.
  • Credit Analyst - responsible for verifying the credit worthiness of each customer and is informed about slow pay and past due payments. Such information is important for the analyst to properly evaluate any future extension or expansion of credit.
  • Cash Posting Analyst -responsible for properly applying the customer payment to the unpaid invoice based on the customer's remittance advice information. If the application of the payment is not determinable by the analyst, then the payment is researched with the customer to determine how to apply.
  • Accounts Receivable Specialist - responsible for the reconciliation process of the general ledger to the billing subsystem ledger and for printing the month-end management reports for analysis by the billing team.
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